Take a pause , have a break

In today’s scenario ,life and competition are synonyms for each other and why would they not be because life is race if you walk slow then you will be at back or in simple language you will claimed as ‘failure’  but have you ever think about what if this race have a pause , a pause where you don’t count what you have lose or achieve you just remember what is there for you and be grateful for that .

Let’s start from the beginning not of  mine and neither of yours but of this world . Whenever my grandmother used to tell me about some story she always preferred it by saying ” once upon a time when life and peace were the synonyms of each other there was a…..” and blah blah what not  but she told me life was never a race and no one want to be the part of race but the situations , complications and our reaction made us part of that race sometimes directly or indirectly . There was a time when people used to earn money for peace and  now people used to earn money for flaunting and it’s fine to race but sometimes you should take a break , a break which boost your inner energy , a break which explain you how beautiful your life is , a break which is capable to make your mind and heart reenergize for continuing your  race . 

Now how to take a break

1. Take a trip

Trip to your favourite destinations like many have religious destinations as their favourite place or a cool abroad trip as their chosen ones  or one which is under your budget but it should be self satisfying not the business trip where you are 24*7 involved in a race and it’s not necessary that the trip should be of fifteen to sixteen days it can be of two to three days or maybe one day but the trip should be memorable so that if one day when you are at your deathbed and Satan will come to take you  then that would be the memory which refreshes you again and you with proud can say ‘ what a lovely life I had ‘ .

2. Choose your passion

If not a trip which excites your mood then surely your passion . It often happens that the stream we love we don’t get a chance to  pursue and if the same thing happens to you then what are you waiting for ? Take a break and follow your passion because life’s too short to live with someone’s expectations so take a break and have your passion as your breakfast , lunch and dinner . I know passion will never make any difference to your career but surely it will make you more worthy and energise so take a break and chose your passion be it dancing , singing whatever do it so that if sometimes you get old and sitting in chair with a stick in your hand  you can smile remembering how good your life was.

3. Create something

I know you aren’t a scientist or an engineer who should create something but why not create your own house ? Why not to interior your own house with your own designs and if not interior surely paint your house . Take one room and some good bright colours or dark whatever your choice is and start on a trip  to paint your house and if not one room then one wall and if not one wall then one chair but create something so that after seeing that thing you can laugh on your stupidity or smile on how good you were at that thing ? And for your knowledge I will like you that painting something is a good stress booster .

So these are the tips which I think you can find useful and please if you want to recommend something you can surely leave the comment and yeah ‘take a pause ,have a break ‘and for more updates follow the blog and If you loved it then please hit the like button ( it’s craving for likes) 

Top three webseries which are worth to watch in India .

Scam 1992


 Scam 1992 is a real life story of Harshad Mehta directed by Hansal Mehta   . Harshad Mehta (Big bull) who was known to be the Amitabh Bachhan of stock market . A lay man who started his career in the stock market as a broker but became the big bull of the stock market . The series is released on Sony liv and has a huge demand for it . Scam 1992 is based on a book written by Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Roy ‘The Scam ‘ . The webseries reflected the flaws in government and the way they hide the flaws by blaming all the things into one person . 

Scam 1992 has IMDb ratings of 9.6 and it has ten episodes which keep the pace of curiosity increasing episode by episode . The soundtrack of scam 1992 is as memorable  as the webseries .

Stranger things


Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror streaming television series created by the Duffer Brothers and has been  released on Netflix . The first season of Stranger Things was out on 15 July 2016 starring Noah schnapp as Will who was twelve year old boy and was lived in Hawkins ( a fictional city) but one day arriving from his friend’s house Mike (starring Finn wolfhard  ) he was being lost in an unknown place and all the Hawkins police tried to frisk for Will but no one succeed but they found a girl named eleven (starring Millie Bobby Brown) which opened the whole new mystery in front of them, a new upside down world run by mind flayer.  It’s a mysterious fictional movie with a little bit of horror and romance tempering into it . 

It has 8.8 IMDb ratings and has been dubbed in hindi . It has three seasons and all the seasons are fabulous and have their huge  fan base . Stranger things fourth season is going to be coming up in 2021 .

Breathe :into the shadows


Breathe: Into the shadows  is an Indian crime drama thriller web television series created and directed by Mayank Sharma and it has been released on Amazon prime . Breathe into the shadows is a story about Dr Avinash Sabhrawal ( starring Abhishek Bachhan ) whose six year old diabetic  daughter has been kidnapped by a masked man and after frisking their daughter for three months they didn’t find a clue but after nine months the kidnapper contacted them and demanded them to kill someone and mystery goes on…. The story is based on human mind and how human mind perceive  the things and this makes it must to watch web series 

It has IMDb ratings of 7.7 and has twelve episodes which are well connected and every episode has maintained their suspense till last . 

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